BSLA Admission

Admission into the professional design program (BSLA degree) is a two-step process:

1.  Students who meet the requirements for admission to the University of Wisconsin and who choose the professional landscape architecture degree as their major are considered first year, or “pre-landscape architecture” students and classified as PLAs.  During the first year they take a series of prerequisite courses that provide them with the skills necessary to succeed in the major, and are also designed to help students better decide if this is the right major for them.  The courses include:

• Land Arch 201 Introductory Landscape Architecture Studio (fall and summer                      semester)
• Land Arch 250 Survey of Landscape Architecture Design (fall and summer                        semester)
• Land Arch 262 Site Inventory and Evaluation Methods (spring semester)
• Land Arch 312 Graphics for Designers (spring semester)
• ME 160 Architectural Graphics
• Art 102 or Art 112 or Design Studies (DS)120  2D Design
• Botany 100 or 130 introductory Botany

2.   Students can submit an application to continue in the BSLA major in the spring of the academic year during which they will complete the prerequisites.  We will admit up to a maximum of 22 students, as resources permit. Selection will be based on a letter of intent, written by the applicant, which addresses her or his reasons for wanting to enter the major, and on grades earned in the prerequisite courses, with the exception of Botany.

3.  We notify applicants of their initial admission status no later than June 15th and confirm their final status two weeks after the end of the 8-week Summer Session.

4.  Students not selected for admission may enroll for a second time with a pre-landscape architecture classification and seek admission for the following fall by reapplying during the spring semester. If not selected after a second application, students will need to transfer to another program on the Madison campus or to another institution.

5.  Students may appeal their admission decisions to the Curriculum Committee to clarify errors of fact or extenuating circumstances.

6.  Retention rates for students who are admitted into the professional design program are 90% or better.

For more information on these admission procedures, check out the online Undergraduate Catalog.