John Harrington

Current Research Activities

Co-PI-Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium.

Integrated Livestock Grazing and Conservation: Managed goat grazing and interseeding in oak savanna and woodlands.

Selected Articles and Other Publications

Howell, Evelyn A., John A. Harrington, and Stephen B. Glass. 2012. Introduction to Restoration Ecology. Island Press.

Sutton, R., J. Harrington, L. Skabelund, P. MacDonagh, R. Coffman and G. Koch. 2012. Prairie-based green roofs: literature, templates and analogs. Journal of Green Building 7:143-172. Doi:

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Harrington, John. 2008. Vegetation Patterns and Land Cover Change for the Cross Plains Ice Age National Scientific Reserve, 1937-2007. Ice Age National Scenic Trail Office, National Park Service. March 2008. 78 pp.

Wells, Ana, Nick Balster, Stephanie Ban Wychen and John Harrington. 2008. Differences in belowground heterogeneity between anthropogenic sediments and native soils inform restoration of a dewatered reservoir in southwestern Wisconsin. Restoration Ecology 16: 678-688.

Egan, Dave and John Harrington, editors. 2006. The Conservation Legacy Lives On…Proceedings of the 19th North American Prairie Conference. Madison.

Harrington, John and Aaron Stephenson. 2005. Vegetation Survey and Analysis of the Wilkie/McNutt Properties, Ice Age National Scientific Reserve. National Park Service, Ice Age Trail Office, Madison, WI.

Research Studies by Recent Graduate Students

Slocum, Evan. 2012. Changing planting trends and species composition of the Madison area urban forest. MS Landscape Architecture

Ela, Julia. 2012. Opportunities for livestock grazing and conservation: managed goat browsing in midwestern oak openings. MS Landscape Architecture.

Smith, Vincent. 2011. Growing our own: the socioeconomic value of community food production. PhD, Environment and Resources, NIES.

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Craig, Jill. 2006. The composition of tallgrass prairie plant communities of the Upper Midwest, USA. MS Landscape Architecture.

Martin, Amy. 2006. The ecological implications of seeding density in dry mesic prairies. MS Land Resources, NIES.

White, Annie Seeger. 2005. Favorability and avoidance of spatial landscape components in wolf den site selection. MS Landscape Architecture.

Courses Taught

  • Plants and Ecology in Design
  • Urban Ecology Design Seminar
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Vegetation Management of Natural Systems
  • Field Course: Wisconsin’s Native Plant Communities
  • Restoration Ecology Seminar (Fire Ecology of the Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Ecosystems; Ecology of the Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna)
  • Cloud Forest Studio (Monteverde, Costa Rica)