Computer Lab Information, FAQ, and After-Hours Passes

DSCN2379The Department of Landscape Architecture has two computer studios, for use by our students, staff and faculty, and available 24/7 through card access locks. One is in room 103 Agricultural Bulletin, and the other is in room 25 Ag. Hall. The computers in both labs are equipped with standard office package software and with graphics and mapping software, as found in modern professional landscape architecture offices. To use the computers, you will need to obtain a login from Math Heinzel. If you are in the labs after normal building hours, you will need to obtain an after hours pass from the front office.

Ag Bulletin

The lab in Ag Bulletin is used primarily by first year BS-LA studio courses, for Folklore Program classes that need to use design software, and by both first-year and advanced landscape architecture design students after class hours to complete their assignments. The lab features combination computer desks-drafting tables that allow students to design and draft by hand and with digital techniques. It is designed as a “hot table” lab, meaning that the lab stations are used by different students in each class. There are 21 new Dell Precision Workstations in this studio, an Apple computer connected to  scanner, a color and a monochrome laser printer, and wide format plotter.

Ag Hall

Our main computer studio is located in Room 25 Agricultural Hall. It contains 30 Dell Precision Workstations, two dual-boot iMacs, as well as three scanners for use by students, and 3 Cintique pen screen digitizers. The center studio space is arranged with drafting tables along the outer walls, and an inner arc of computer workstations. The studio wings have a similar clustered arrangement, with the drafting tables in one are, the computer stations in another. The drafting tables are assigned to individual second and third year students for the academic year. Wireless internet access is also available throughout Agricultural Hall.

The computers are available on a first come first served basis, and are used primarily by our second through fourth year students, as well as graduate students. Other resources available to LA students in Ag Hall are a 24″ ARCH D plotter in the Rm. 25 studio, and a wide format (40”) scanner and 42” plotter in Room 15. There are also color and monochrome laser printers in the Ag Hall studio. Room 15 is open when Math has hours (posted on door) but can be opened other times by faculty and staff.

Click here for Computer Lab FAQs