Michael Dziennik

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science: Landscape Architecture and Horticulture Certificate: Environmental Studies

Research Topic: Urban Ecology
Thesis Title: Expanding Green Roof Plant Selections to Regionalized Palettes

Interests: Green Infrastructure, Ecological Restoration, Brownfield Revitalization Projects, Graphic Design, International Travel, Exploring, Parks, Metalsmithing

Michael Dziennik’s path to a career in Landscape Architecture was molded from the time spent outside and immersed in nature with his family. His grandparents would take the grandchildren for hikes through the woods or let them play in home gardens at family events leading to his interest in the environment and plants. His interest in the natural environment resulted in his decision to become a double major in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. The type of projects that he hopes to work on are land revitalization and urban planning projects, turning brownfields and underutilized plots of land into areas of recreation for people to enjoy. His ideal firm would be one that has projects both nationally and internationally, allowing him to travel and get design ideas from around the world. Landscape Architecture is a blend of creativity and nature that appeals to Michael’s interest. The ability to incorporate out-of-the-box thinking with natural processes results in a passion for green infrastructure and urban ecology.