Dan Ruggiero

Degree(s): B.S. Environmental Science, Bethany College, WV, 2009

Research Interests: The rehabilitation of degraded urban and peri-urban, industrial landscapes to increase human wellbeing and environmental awareness (public green space; especially restoring post-industrial landscapes to those of high ecological integrity and enabling public health/ mitigating environmental impacts/ and providing habitat. ‘Green’ Community design …that which facilitates interaction of human and landscape to carry out conservation and active lifestyles while mitigating environmental impacts. The change of biotic communities through time and events; especially considering “invasive” plants through a lens of long-term, broad scale ecosystem functions such as nutrient (Carbon, Nitrogen) cycling.

General Interests: Warm weather, coastal climates, classical guitar, fishing, ceramics, photography, biking, motorcyclying, traveling, high-speed rail, the environment, organic food, mountains, hiking, cafés, eclectic and world music.

Degree/Certificates Working On: MSLA

Thesis Title (tentative): TBA