Brad Vowels

Degree(s): BS Landscape Architecture (2009), University of Kentucky

Research Interests: I am interested in public participation and community involvement in design and planning for urban and rural areas. The growth and renovation of streetscapes, transportation corridors, and public open space as a viable means of economic sustainability for communities is especially fascinating to me. I am also interested in water resources management, watershed planning, and ecological restoration in all scales of design and planning.

General Interests: Being raised in a rural environment taught me an appreciation for the outdoors. I am always interested in any outside activity, especially hiking, cycling, canoeing, and horseback riding. I enjoy exploring urban enviroments, traveling whenever time permits, and experiencing new foods and places. I also consider myself an avid guitar player, amateur photographer, and excellent cook.

Degree/Certificates Working On: MS Landscape Architecture in Community Design, MS Water Resources Management

Thesis Title: Making Meaningful Participation Useful: Testing the efficacy of community participation in water resources management in Mazomanie, WI