LA666: Restoration Ecology

la666If you are interested in biological conservation, consider this course on restoration ecology.
Restoration is an exciting and promising approach to the conservation of native species,
communities, and ecosystems. It is an interdisciplinary global enterprise practiced by
private and public sector professionals and dedicated volunteers of all ages. In this course
we cover both the theory and practice of restoration ecology and examine the current
opportunities, challenges, and controversies that underlie the field. The goal may be to
preserve nature, but restoration is a fundamentally human enterprise—it is accomplished for and by people. Therefore we cover information from ecology, sociology, and the humanities.
Our learning formats include lectures, discussions, readings, field trips, and in-and-out-of class activities. One of the highlights of the class is the opportunity to work with a team to create a plan for the restoration of a real site.

Lecture: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:20 p.m.
Lab: Thursdays 2:25-5:30 p.m.