These are the numbers that students have found they need frequently during the admissions process.
Note: the area code for all numbers is 608.

Landscape Architecture Directory 
Department of Landscape Architecture
1 Agricultural Hall
1450 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-7301

Staff Title Phone
Griffin, Debi Student Coordinator 263-7301
Dennis, Sam Department Chair 263-7699
Heinzel, Math Information Technology Specialist 263-8973 
Scott, Ken Department Administrator 262-9533


Faculty Title Phone
Alanen, Arnold Professor Emeritus 263-7301
Bart, David Assistant Professor 890-1693
Flohr, Travis Faculty Associate
Gilmore, Janet Associate Professor 265-8270
Hadley, Doug Senior Lecturer 265-7301
Harrington, John Professor 263-4587
Howell, Evelyn Professor 263-6964
Kelly, Shawn Faculty Associate 263-5390
Schuchardt, Eric Associate Lecturer 263-7301
Silbernagel, Janet Associate Professor 265-8093
Steiner, James Senior Lecturer 890-0820
Thorleifsdottir, Kristin Assistant Professor 265-8093
Tishler, Bill Professor Emeritus 263-7301