About Us

Welcome to Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!  We are a group of faculty, staff and students dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that will improve *8107930747_af614f41f9_bthe quality of life for people as well as ensuring the survival of the complex physical, cultural and natural worlds that make up our planet.  We accomplish this through an integrated program of research and scholarship, teaching and learning, campus and public service, and professional practice. Our graduates are employed in private firms, public agencies, land conservation and historic preservation offices, and in academia.

Our approach is interdisciplinary, involving ideas and skills from the sciences, arts, and humanities. We were one of the first landscape architecture programs in North America to emphasize research and uncovering new information and understandings, in addition to preparing students to become practitioners.  We continue to promote the importance of scholarship and of life-long learning, and of exploring new ideas and developing new skills to address the challenge of the future.

Landscape architecture is a discipline and a profession that features the sensitive and creative design, planning and management of the land while conserving natural and cultural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.  It is exciting, challenging, and future-oriented. Landscape architects are involved in shaping the design of neighborhoods; cities; historic districts; local, state and national parks; monuments and memorials; nature preserves; zoos; and botanical gardens.  We focus on creating designs that are artistic and culturally and environmentally sustainable.  We work with other professionals such as engineers, architects, ecologists and health professionals.

Our faculty includes people trained in landscape architecture, botany, ecology, landscape ecology, geography, environmental studies and folklore. Our students come to us with diverse interests and skills ranging from art and design to plants and people, and leave with groundings in each.

We prepare students to enter the profession and become licensed landscape architects through our undergraduate professional degree program, the BSLA.  For students interested in planning, cultural resource conservation or restoration ecology, we offer an alternative landscape studies undergraduate degree, the ALS.  Our graduate program includes two research-based master’s degrees —one focusing on the biological, physical and social sciences (MSLA), and the other on history, culture and design (MALA).

To learn more about Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the opportunities available in our profession, check out the features on this website and/or contact Debi Griffin.